Gobo – Digital Nomad Expense Log
Gobo is a simple app for tracking your expenses while you travel. Keep up to date with how much you’re spending and review your overall costs. Use Gobo to review and compare prices across all of your trips.
GWTA – Goldsboro Wayne Transit Authority
GWTA App provides route and schedule information for the Goldsboro-Wayne Transit Authority and connecting systems.

Main features:

• Maps for each route
• Route Details – Information of all routes, daily schedules, individual stops, arrival times, etc.
• GWTA Information including fares, code of conduct, etc.

Capoeira Songs
Capoeira Songs provides lyrics to many capoeira songs. Users can find songs to sing in the roda.

  • Search song list
  • Mark favorites
  • View song lyrics
Anew – Daily Gratitude Journal
Anew allows you to start your day with purpose. Appreciate the things that you have. Conquer challenges and achieve your goals. Affirm that you have what it takes to get it done. Align those goals with concrete steps that not only ensure success but reinforce your confidence through competence.
Puffin – Daily StandupIcon-60@3x



Track your work progess by monitoring work session, creating daily standups