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Capoeira Songs provides lyrics to many capoeira songs. Users can find songs to sing in the roda.

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Team Tryoutsicon@2x

Putting together great teams are not just about having the best players. It’s about putting the right group of players together. Team Tryouts helps coaches put together the best team possible.

Team Tryouts gives you the flexibility to evaluate based on the criteria that’s important to you.


Anew – Daily Gratitude JournalIcon


Anew allows you to start your day with purpose. Appreciate the things that you have. Aspire to conquer challenges and achieve your goals. Affirm that you have what it takes to get it done. Align those goals with concrete steps that not only ensure success but reinforce your confidence through competence.

Ubu – Daily StandupUbu Icon


Ubu allows users to plan out their week and dive into their work daily, keeping others informed of progress.