Fluttering toward Cross Platform Solutions

After reading yet another piece on “Why We Switched To/From CrossPlatform/Native”,  I decided that it was time to examine the state of cross platform app development for myself and not rely on the opinions of others, as their reasons for landing on their chosen solutions vary. Why Now? After watching the talks at this year’s … Continue reading Fluttering toward Cross Platform Solutions

Cocoa Nomad Podcast: Retrospective #11

In this retrospective, I provide progress updates on Capoeira Songs, share my productivity struggles and look to the upcoming fall events.   Show Link: Playaprenuers Summit   You can listen to the Cocoa Nomad Podcast on the following services: Anchor FM iTunes Spotify Stitcher I'd love to hear from you. Reach out with comments, feedback … Continue reading Cocoa Nomad Podcast: Retrospective #11