January 2017 Earnings Report for The Cocoa Nomad

Consulting: $0

I did pick up consulting work in January but because I use cash basis versus accrual for accounting, it won’t show until next month. I was able to do some work for a former client who is finally shutting down the project but needed some final artifacts delivered. There may be additional work via referral in February as well but I’m not counting on it. I’ll keep networking to pick up some small projects to sustain me while I work on my primary apps.

iOS App Store: $10.77

A further decline in sales for my neglected apps. Fact is, I absolutely deserve this. I’m contemplating a shift away from paid apps to freemium or ad-supported, a decision that pushed back my release of the Capoeira Songs update. Team Tryouts update is also on hold.

Amazon: -$7.17

First the Falcons lost in the Super Bowl, now this. While I didn’t expect to recover all of the sales from the previous month, I never expected a negative. It’s a dead period for shopping in general and toys in particular (I guess the kids haven’t broken those Christmas gifts yet.)

Total: $3.60

Ouch! I went from pocket money to couch cushion money. Actually, I’m more bummed about the Falcon’s loss than my earnings. I’m back to working on a steady basis after the final month of Remote Year. New products are coming soon and I’m still excited about the future. There may be a new category for the earnings report as early as next month.

What About Expenses?

After the last earnings post, I was asked why I didn’t include expenses. The primary reason was that I just wasn’t thinking about it (it’s an earnings report not an income statement). The secondary reason was that I didn’t want to skew the expenses with the Remote Year costs (avg. $2041 month in program costs, much higher that what I will be spending going forward). Now that my gap year is over, I can provide a clearer picture of what it actually costs me to live and build my leveraged income streams. Those costs will be included in the Feb 2017 report.

Super Bowl LI and Making Changes

When the Falcons managed to reached their first Super Bowl in team history in 1998, I was beyond excited. I hosted a party at my apartment and invited many of my friends. My disappointment in the loss was mitigated by the events portending defeat leading up to kickoff. Delays in getting the food delivered and losing both the power and cable had already dampened some of my excitement but the Broncos were always in control of that game. It’s easier to deal with losing when things start out poorly.

Far more heartbreaking was the Duel in Dixie. In 1981, I watched the game in my living room, in my red Falcons cap and “Steve Bartkowksi” pajamas. It was a ritual I held onto long after I had outgrown them and the PJs started to look like a baby’s onesie on me. The team was playing well, taking a 14 point lead into the final quarter. Despite this, the Cowboys managed to score three touchdowns and mount a comeback victory.

The Falcons would return to the big game after 18 years. In that time, I had “grown up”. I bought a house and had a real career. I had settled down. I was no longer that kid standing on the couch, screaming at the screen.

And yet after an epic collapse on Sunday, I was an 8 year old again, back on that couch. What 44 year old man cries after a Super Bowl loss? I didn’t play in the game. I’m not employed by the organization. I’m don’t even live in the city anymore.

For the majority of the game, the Falcons were doing the right things.

Post game, there were tons of armchair coaches, who “knew” what the team should’ve done.

Down 28 – 3 at halftime, the Patriots had the advantage of knowing they needed to change. It’s an easy decision when things are not working. Choosing between staying the course and making huge changes for the future is difficult. That’s what makes this particular loss so hard to take. I’m writing this from Thailand, having quit the best job I’ve ever had and sold most of my possessions to become an location independent entrepreneur.

I was doing all of the “right” things before I left but still felt it was time for major adjustments. I’m certain there are armchair coaches questioning my decision as well.

What major adjustments are you willing to make though things are going well according to your game plan?