The Hardest Goodbye

As my departure date quickly approached, my stress level increased as did my apathy for preparation. I’ve never been big on planning but I’d become even less so as it became clear that I really just wanted to leave my old life behind and start fresh with a new journey. But before I could embark on … More The Hardest Goodbye

Context Switch

It is the end of a calendar year and normally I would post a list of places in the US that I intend to visit in the coming year: conferences, festivals and other events that attract my interest. In less than 30 days, I‘ll be embarking on a journey that will take me to at … More Context Switch

The Little Engine That Couldn’t (Coding By Train: Leg 3 Chicago to Denver)

Our train arrived in Chicago an hour late (a pattern that I’d soon learn is quite common). I can;t say anything about the city itself, as I never left the train station. From the ride into the Windy City, I was only able to make a single assessment: the place looks massive. Without a decent public … More The Little Engine That Couldn’t (Coding By Train: Leg 3 Chicago to Denver)

Coding By Train: Leg 2 (Washington, DC to Chicago)

After a snack in Union Station, I  boarded the train for Chicago. There was an option to make reservations for dinner in the dining car. Seating was limited and community seating is used, providing an opportunity for you to meet new people. I opted to skip dinner in lieu of hanging out in the observation … More Coding By Train: Leg 2 (Washington, DC to Chicago)

As We Begin Again

With this post, I am hoping for a return to more frequent and relevant posting to my blog. It is my opportunity to begin again. The year has been quite busy (too many projects undertaken) but I’ve not taken time to reflect on the things that I have experienced, which is the whole point of this blog. In … More As We Begin Again