My friends and I decided to spend a day in Cozumel, as none of us had visited the island. We were looking to close out the weekend with a fun day that would leave us refreshed and prepared for returning to work and getting the new year off to a great start.

For the ferry, there are currently 2 companies (WinJet/UltraMar) running on alternate days. The cost of a roundtrip ticket is $500 MXN (600 MXN for first class). First class provides more comfortable  seats on the inside of the ship and outdoor seating at the very front. It’s not a long ride so we opted for the regular tickets. As there were hourly departures, we opted for 9:00 AM ferry.

Once we arrived in town, we headed over to Mahi Mahi to pick up our scooters. Victor and his son were great in getting us setup and on our way. For the daily rental, we paid $500 MXN plus and additional $200 MXN for insurance. You aren’t required to take the insurance but our had several 1st time riders so purchasing provided an extra layer of comfort.

We set out on the Middle Island Road as it was less crowded and provided an opportunity for the newbies to get comfortable riding. The road, as the name implies, goes through the middle, heading to the eastern side of the island. It was a leisurely ride with no problems and we stopped at the cost to take pics before heading to our first (and ultimately final stop), Punta Morena.

Just hanging out at the beach

Once at Punta Morena, we simply relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful ocean breeze and refreshing water. Since we were a  group, we decided to simply order a few items to share, including an amazing seafood platter. In addition, there were quite a few cocktails and tequila. I highly recommend the Piña Colada and Tamarind Margarita, as they were huge hits within the group.

Additional Points of Interest

  • El Mirador
  • El Pescador – Playa Chen Rio
  • Playa Chen Rio
  • Bob Marley’s Place
  • 25th Hour Bar (Best Mojitos!!)
  • Palancar Beach Club
  • Alberto’s (

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