Thank You For Your Service

American culture is full of oft repeated expressions of gratitude

“You are a valued customer. We thank you for your patience.”

“Thank you for working overtime on the project”

“Thank You for Your Service”

Is it genuine or simply a stand-in for “better you than me”? 

Is it gratitude or platitude?

What actions are you taking when speaking words of gratitude? 

What compensations are you providing in recognition of service and sacrifice? 

A warm meal.

A place to sleep.

Standing in line for someone so they can rest their legs.

A ride to an appointment.

Help in filling out forms.

A makeup vacation day that can actually be used.

A donation.

Simply taking the time to sit down and listen.

Expressions are cheap. They cost nothing to give. 

Giving is an action. Love is a verb.

What are you prepared to DO to express gratitude?