CNPodcast: Retrospective #26

In the latest retrospective, I share some advice on dealing with praise and criticism, explore how poor communication can ruin good relationships and take on a new challenge (that’s really an old challenge).

Lessons Learned:

Praise and critique can both move you from your path and become distractions.

  • Don’t let emotions interfere with opportunity
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away
  • Stay centered – accept, process, integrate what’s needed and move forward

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The Ending Of Things

I’ve had to learn to become more comfortable with the ending of things.

I haven’t always gotten the endings that I’ve wanted.

I’ve often tried to keep things going just to avoid an unpleasant ending.

I’ve also returned to situations I should’ve left alone in order to “fix” the previous ending.

But that’s not how things work.

Some things end on a high note. Some things end in a messy way.

But regardless, they’ve end.

I’ve had to accept the fact that sometimes, the last conversation I had with someone is the last conversation I’ll ever have with them. 

Sometimes, it’s because it’s not possible to have another conversation.

Sometimes, it’s because there’s nothing left to be said.

But I still had to move on.

There’s always another ending to face.

Until the last one.

And getting comfortable with that may be the hardest thing.