The toughest part about creating a nomadic lifestyle is having access to the things that I need when/where I need them. Since I primarily migrate between Atlanta and Carolina, I had the following questions:

  • What do I really need and what can I get rid of?
  • What about things that I need to access infrequently?
  • Should I carry them with me or just keep

I decided to get rid of most of the things I didn’t need to transport. This included lots of books, clothes and shoes. Once I started looking at the other things I used frequently, I came to some simple solutions for my locations (Atlanta, Carolina and elsewhere)

  • Clothes – Travel with a week’s worth (1 bag). 
  • Books – I keep e-books on my iPad or on DropBox.
  • Coffee grinder & French Press – Inexpensive enough that I can keep one in both locations. Everywhere else I go, I’ll just drink local coffee.
  • Drum kit – I will keep my electric set in Atlanta and get an acoustic kit for Carolina. 
  • Golf clubs – One set in Atlanta. One in Carolina. When traveling from either locale, take the set with me or rent when I get there.

Going through this process has helped me to simplify things by focusing on things I really need/want. I’m sure the specifics will change somewhat when I start extending my stays in other locales but I think this setup will work for now. 

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