While the nature of my work affords me the opportunity to work from home or in local coffee shops/internet cafes, I have always found the office environment more comfortable (minus the dress code and rigid hours). I enjoy talking with others about their day, challenges or frustrations. I’m not ashamed to say that most people’s work days are far more interesting than mine (even I get bored by too much talk about coding). It’s one of the reasons that I prefer co-working locations such as StrongBox West in Atlanta. 

I’ve worked out an agreement with my uncle’s law practice, when I am in North Carolina. In exchange for office space/equipment/internet access, I provide limited technical support to the office staff and help in automating their work flows (they push a lot of paper unnecessarily, even for a law firm!).

Until I began engaging the office staff on a daily basis I was blind how much opportunity there is here for developing my own business. What started as a simple project in office automation has turned into a fun and exciting business opportunity. This is going to be a fun summer!

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