With this post, I am hoping for a return to more frequent and relevant posting to my blog. It is my opportunity to begin again. The year has been quite busy (too many projects undertaken) but I’ve not taken time to reflect on the things that I have experienced, which is the whole point of this blog. In the interest of brevity, I’ll just summarize:

  • On the development front, iOS has undergone a massive amount of change this year. A new programming language, Swift, tons of new APIs (HealthKit, WatchKit, etc.) and even more devices (iWatch!) means that more time is required just to keep up and maintain quality of existing apps.
  • Speaking of existing apps, my current apps (Capoiera Songs, Team Tryouts) are overdue for updates and those are coming but they will have to wait a bit longer as other projects have priority.
  • Conferences this year have been awesome. AltConf, 360iDev and the 360iDev min were great experiences and opportunities to make new friends and reconnect with old ones. And the year isn’t over, as CocoaConf Atlanta is taking place in December. Next year, I’ll be looking to present.
  • Speaking of conferences, though I didn’t attend, I was excited by the announcements at Google I/O. I will be returning to native Android development (in addition to, NOT in lieu of iOS. I’m not a sadist)
  • I joined the panel of the iPhreaks podcast. I’m grateful that they invited me on and it allowed me to fulfill my wish to return to podcasting. Each week is a learning experience as I am exposed to areas of develop that I be otherwise unaware of.
  • Pending apps such as PomoTracker are still in development (though I may change the name). My past year in beta testing combined my current work has shown me that I needed to change the tool’s design/focus. It wasn’t meeting my needs so I’ve gone back to the drawing board.
  • A passion project, Gateway Transit, is also in the works. It is a mobile app for the local transit system in my county. I’m hoping that it is the first of many volunteer projects that allow me to give back to the local community.
  • I have been Mobile Developer at TeamSnap for over a year now. It is an awesome company with great people. If you are a customer, we’ve got more cool stuff coming your way.
  • The Cocoa Nomad blog wouldn’t make sense without more from the road. Though I’ve neglected to post from San Francisco, Denver and Greenville, SC this year, I will do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

More Cocoa. More Nomad to come

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