This week was fairly productive despite a few setbacks. An overall workflow is becoming clearer for me and I’m confident that I’ll still be able to meet my delivery date of end of February.

Learning Cocoa (iOS/macOS):

Work load didn’t allow me to move forward with CloudKit and In-App Purchase (which will get pushed back into early February). I took a deeper dive into sharing code by way of the DTSEssentials framework.

Last Week This Week
  • Generics in Swift
  • Sharing Code and Building Frameworks
  • CloudKit
  • Concurrency
  • NSURLSession

DTSEssentials Framework: Shared Code for iOS/macOS apps

Ran into some hiccups with the Generic List Table View Controller but I’m pleased with the progress that I’ve made. Testing in conjunction with an existing project has really helped.

Last Week This Week
  • Create Xcode project
  • Int Extensions
  • Date Extensions
  • String Extensions
  • UIColor Extensions
  • ViewCell Extensions
  • Storyboard Extensions
  • DesignableButton (IBDesignable)
  • DesignableView (IBDesignable)
  • DTSStyle (UIAppearance)
  • Test use of Framework with Gobo
  • Test use of framework with Puffin
  • Generic List Table View Controller
  • PopoverDataPicker
  • PopoverItemPicker
  • App Coordinator

  • Generic List Table View Controller

  • UIAlertController Extensions

  • Support for closures in UIButton target actions

  • LoadingViewController

  • ErrorViewController

  • ValidationViewController

Puffin (iOS): Daily Standup App

The biggest disappointment was that no progress was made on Puffin last week. I’ll be able to resume work on it this week.

Last Week This Week
  • App Icon Update (version 2.0)
  • Subtasks Feature
  • Standup Entry
  • Change Task Status
  • Quick Add for Projects
  • Quick Add for Tasks
  • Support Previous/Next swipe in Daily Standup View

Gobo (iOS): Nomad Travel Log

I’ve been moving along with Gobo and it has been the primary project for building out the DTSEssentials framework. Pretty excited and confident that I’ll be able to demo something by week’s end.

Last Week This Week
  • Create Xcode project
  • Add DTSEssentials Framework
  • Add Category icons
  • Create Models
  • Trip List
  • Expense List
  • App Icon (version 1.0)
  • CloudKit Support

Voice Over Work:

A pleasant surprise here as I picked up 3 gigs this week. I’m getting better at the the workflow, including setting up/tearing down my mobile studio.

Last Week This Week
  • 3 VO gigs
  • Create Fiverr Profile
  • Create Voice Bunny Profile
  • VO gigs as they come in


I’m in a good routine with the walking/cardio and will probably add a boxing workout back into the mix this week

Last Week This Week
  • Cardio: 215 minutes total (avg. 30.75 min/day)
  • Walking: 83,518 steps (11,931/day)
  • Cardio: (30 min/day)
  • Walking (10000 steps /day)
  • Boxing workout 2 times

Reading List:

Reading has been a total bust. I’ve just not made any time to do it. I’m constantly reading web articles and technical documentation but haven’t set aside any time for long form reading. I’m going to actually schedule reading time this week instead of waiting of it to appear.

Last Week This Week
  • Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano (Part 1)
  • The Walking Dead (En Español) (Vol. 1: Dias Pasados)

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