“Always forward”

– Henry ‘Pop’ Hunter (Luke Cage)

I felt like I was spinning my wheels this past week. When I look back, I realize that I made progress but it didn’t feel like it when I was “in the weeds”.

Learning Cocoa (iOS/macOS):

This week I completed the Beginning CloudKit on iOS course on RayWenderlich.com. I’m implementing CloudKit in the apps that I’m working on and the course served as a great introduction for using the framework.

DTSEssentials Framework: Shared Code for iOS/macOS apps

No new updates were added this week. New additions are upcoming

Last Week This Week
  • LoadingViewController

  • ErrorViewController

  • ValidationViewController

  • ViewController Containment extensions
  • FormViewController

Puffin (iOS): Daily Standup App

I updated the icon for the app to correspond with the name change (the old name was Ubu) but I couldn’t fight my love of puffins any longer. I wanted to revisit what I learned in the Skillshare Letter Design class I took last year. I’ll keep iterating over it as I work on the app.

Last Week This Week
  • App Icon update

like a bird

Gobo (iOS): Nomad Travel Log

Using the aforementioned CloudKit course, I was able to get my record types created on the iCloud. After getting some feedback from my weekly demos, I am updating a few of the screens and implementing the local cache (using CoreData) and syncing with CloudKit. Screenshots coming next week with the beta!

Last Week This Week
  • App Icon (version 1.0)
yes, I know the wings are off
  • Launch Screen
  • CloudKit Support

  • Form validation
  • Exchange Rates
  • Local cache
  • Sync between local cache/CloudKit

Voice Over Work:

I completed the short story narration and was introduced to another option for voice overs, Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX). I’ll be auditioning for projects there this week.

Last Week This Week
  • 2 VO gigs via my trainer
  • Create ACX Profile
  • Submit 3 auditions on ACX
  • Create Voice Bunny Profile
  • Create Fiverr Profile
  • VO gigs as they come in


Another week in which I closed all of my rings in the Activity App!  Bad news is I forgot to wear my watch on my Monday trek to Guatapé so I’ll have to start a new streak. My average step count is down as this week but I’ll get it back up this week with more walking.

Last Week This Week
  • Cardio: 192 minutes total (avg. 31.71 min/day)
  • Walking: 80,350 steps (11,478 /day)
  • Workout:
    • Elliptical (15 min/day)
    • Boxing: Footwork/Shadowboxing/Defense drills (3 rounds)
  • Walking (avg. 10000 steps /day)

Reading List:

Didn’t get to Black Panther yet. I really have to stay off the internet and stop watching footage and non-spoiler reviews.

Last Week This Week
  • Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano (Part 1)
  • Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano (Part 2)
  • Black Panther – Christopher Priest run


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