A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.

— Steve Jobs

Last week was missing a post because I decided to switch to a 2 week period. While the one week version was good for creating a sense of urgency, the downside was an unnecessary pressure that didn’t comport with the reality of my goals. I took a step back after a particularly draining few days and realized that such a myopic view of my progress was negatively impacting my outlook. Progress isn’t always linear. There are good days and bad ones. On balance, things are going well.

Learning Cocoa (iOS/macOS):

Last Sprint This Sprint

DTSEssentials Framework: Shared Code for iOS/macOS apps

Added some helpful updates to the framework. Finally got a version of my FormViewController done that I likes, only to discover an existing library. Still, the learning process was beneficial.

Last Sprint This Sprint
  • ViewController Containment extensions
  • FormViewController
  • UIKit extensions

Gobo (iOS): Nomad Expense Log

Beta was delayed but I’m within a few days of getting it out.

Last Sprint This Sprint
  • Updated Screen Designs
  • Bug fixes for issues updating entries
  • Basic stats for expenses
  • Form validation
  • Exchange Rates
  • Settings
  • TestFlight Beta Submission

Voice Over Work:

Still haven’t gotten to the new VO platforms yet. Have to get that done this sprint. I landed another audiobook narration too, which is great.

Last Sprint This Sprint
  • 7 VO gigs via trainer
  • Submit 3 auditions on ACX
  • Audiobook Narration
  • VO gigs as they arrive


Holding steady with the step count. Back to boxing as main part of workout regimen (no bag work/sparring yet). I want to add capoeira back in but I need better knee support.

Last Sprint This Sprint
  • Workout: 200 cal/session
  • Walking: 158,821 steps (11,352 /day)
  • Workout: 200 cal/session
  • Walking (avg. 10000 steps /day)

Reading List:

Last Sprint This Sprint
  • Black Panther – Christopher Priest run
  • Batman – The Court of Owls

2 thoughts on “Retrospective Feb 11 – 24

  1. I love the agile approach to life with these retros, Alondo! I hate to admit it, but this is the first one I’ve read through… and I was missing out :). So… I’m thinking I want to steal your format for my own life. And maybe you should consider making an iOS app for this. I think you’re on to something! Holding yourself and others accountable via an agile approach to life.

    BTW, if you need another beta test for your expense app (albeit, a non-nomad), I’d be happy to help out.


    Mark Evans

    1. Thanks, Mark! Feel free to use the format. These posts have actually sparked a few accountability meetings.

      I actually am working on an iOS app for the Retro. 🙂

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