Without a struggle, there can be no progress

— Frederick Douglass

I’ve been struggling but I’m finally seeing progress! With each iteration, I’m streamlining the process. The biggest obstacle for me is in keeping things simple and focusing on the essential needs. The reality is that there will always be something “wrong”, so I have to continually make a decision and move forward, making improvements as I go.

The final sprint of the first 12 week year is upon me. With the stated goal of 10 apps this year, I will spend week 13 assessing the results and planning for the next quarter. It’s time to transition to the next country. Colombia has been great but it’s time to move on.

Learning Cocoa (iOS/macOS)

Last Sprint This Sprint

DTSEssentials Framework: Shared Code for iOS/macOS apps

Having a second app use the framework has helped highlight issues that need addressing. Many of the methods calls are too complicated or make incorrect assumptions made about their usage.

Last Sprint This Sprint
  • Extensions for UIBarButtonItem and UIViewController
  • EmptyDataView for List View
  • Refactor List View with simpler convenience init method

Gobo (iOS): Nomad Expense Log

Beta is out! Have received lots of good feedback. Thanks to all the testers

Last Sprint This Sprint
  • Settings
  • TestFlight Beta Submission
  • Form validation
  • Exchange Rate support
  • Improvements per Beta feedback

Puffin (iOS): Daily Standup

Development has resumed! Using the lessons from the framework code and Gobo beta to make changes. Keeping functionality simple to get to beta this sprint

Last Sprint This Sprint
  • Update data model
  • Daily Standup View
  • TestFlight Beta Submission

Voice Over Work

VO gigs are steady from the trainer. App work has delayed my auditioning.

Last Sprint This Sprint
  • VO gigs via trainer
  • Audiobook is awaiting proofreading.
  • VO gigs as they arrive


Seeing the benefits from adding the boxing workout back in. It’s important to switch up the exercise regimen to keep things interesting.  Adding some yoga movements into the mix to increase flexibility.

Last Sprint This Sprint
Walking: 154,661 steps (11,047 /day) Walking (avg. 10000 steps /day)

Reading List

Didn’t get any book reading done during this sprint. Switching to a new daily approach should help with consistency.

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